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Common issue with garage door,Information and Repair Solutions

Garage Door safety beam sensors are located on the bottom part of the overhead door and screwed to the garage door frame(from left and right side). The laser beams are responsible for ensuring that the garage door won't close on any object that may be located under the door. Each and every household must make sure to adjust and check up safety beams leveling (balance ) for proper garage operation and general family safety along with the wires and red light flashing inspection.

Garage Door Rollers are responsible for easy and smooth motion of the entire garage door tracks when the panels are folding after each other. Quiet closing and opening with minimum force is a good sign that your garage door is in great shape. Nowadays, we highly recommend to replace and use nylon rollers, but not metal made ones. The new generation of garage door rollers are also rust free and have an extended life time.
Remember: malfunction and worn rollers may lead to the entire garage door to go off track and the garage panels to get bent .

Garage Springs Replacement and Repair torsion springs
Garage springs are one of the most important hard working parts of the entire garage door system.The tension from torsion springs allows to close and open the door. This is why if the garage door is light weight, then heavy duty torsion springs will simply cause the garage door opener to break and cause damage in the garage door mechanism, and for heavy weight doors with small springs.
Remember: There is no standard spring that will fit  the majority of the garage doors! Every garage door system must be operated with its' own torsion or extension spring. Do it yourself snapped garage spring replacement in 99% of the cases is very Dangerous and a risky decision. Avoid using regular tools. Any Residential or Commercial garage door repair,installation, or replacement must be done Only by experienced and high trained garage door techs with appropriate tools.   

Loose Cables and Repair/Replacement Solution
Broken or Loose Cables are responsible for lifting the garage door and they bear anywhere from 300 to 500 pounds in weight,from the left and right side of the door. Another purpose of them is to keep the door balanced during opening and closing.

​Wear ,Snapped ,Tear and Fraying Cables is the result of wrong garage door system operation with out timely maintenance and adjustment. Galvanized steel cables are the best nowadays in quality. Make sure to maintain the cables along with the rest of the garage door system minimally twice a year. 

Garage Door Off Track Repair
When your door sets off track, from that moment you won't be able to either close or open it anymore. The reason for it could be different such as: Broken Cables,Bent Hinges, Transmitters,Damaged Rollers or even Broken Torsion Springs. In any case, we strongly Recommend to not deal with the garage door due to very dangerous repairs and a high possibility to cause damage to other parts in your garage door system. The only Advice is to contact us immediately by phone at 817-500-5790 and let our professional repair experts to repair it for you without getting yourself hurt in the process!

Emergency Garage Door Repairs
On Time Garage Pros specialists provide  Emergency Garage Repair Service in the Grand Prairie metro area. We are available to get to our customer's location every day from 7 am to midnight ,including evenings, and holidays. We can ensure every customer to be at your place within 30 to 45 minutes from the time you place the service request, and we can guarantee to repair and find a solution for any garage door issue ,in most of the cases.  From the different brands,makes,models, and designs of the garage door openers-motor such as  LiftMaster,Genie,Sears,Craftsman,Clopay,Wayne Dalton,Raynor,Linear,Amarr,Windsor Republic ,which come either with a belt drive,chain drive, or direct drive with a new garage door door installation or damaged panels replacement our highly trained and certified garage technicians will provide a top class service with 100% satisfaction.  

Stuff to Remember
By using our services you can be sure that every garage door part(s) and service(s) comes with warranty packages anywhere from 10 to 15 years and all brand new garage openers and new doors are energy efficient which is perfect to survive in our Texas local summer heat!!!

Contact Local garage door experts at 817-500-5790 for On Time garage door repair

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